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You’re invited to join with us and rejoice over stories of lives changed through West Michigan.

We’ll celebrate how God used this movement to make himself known in a powerful way. We’re also excited to share with you how leaders and churches in the area will continue to move forward in prayer and service in this exciting new season of outreach and evangelism.

This event will feature performances by Lincoln Brewster and a worship band of united church worship leaders from throughout the region.

Calvary Church | 707 East Beltline NE | Grand Rapids • November 8 | 7 PM


CityFest West Michigan united more than 30,000 people in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids for a 2-day outdoor music festival September 8-9. Because of the campaign, more than 1,830 people made a decision to follow Jesus Christ!

The 18-month campaign focused on serving the region and proclaiming the Good News. Thousands of volunteer hours over the many months served Grand Rapids and the surrounding cities, focused on enhancing the educational system, and engaging in discussions and solutions for racial equity and justice, and affordable housing.


A very special thank you to all our sponsors. CityFest with Luis & Andrew Palau would not be possible without the generous support of these great sponsors. We are extremely grateful for their help in making CityFest a reality. Please join us in thanking the following organizations (click the logo to learn more about each contributor).