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Prayer is the heartbeat of any great move of the Holy Spirit. Time and time again, we’ve seen the humble and united prayers of men and women shake the world. When we pray together, the Lord opens doors—and hearts—in ways we never could have imagined. Here's how you can join this powerful team:

1. Join the prayer team for regular update prayer requests.

2. Plan to pray and fast the last 40 days (starting July 31st) until the festival.  Use the prayer journal to know how to pray each day. (Link to download prayer journal below.)

3. Join one of our upcoming prayer meetings. (See the schedule below.)

4. Pray for 5 friends and invite them to the festival. 


CityFest West Michigan Prayer Gatherings | 7:00 PM

  • August 9 -- Calvary Church | 707 E Beltline Ave NE, Grand Rapids

CityFest Prayer Equipping | 7:00 PM

  • July 17 -- Gold Avenue Church | 49 Gold Ave NW, Grand Rapids

Prayer Tent Training

  • August 18 -- CityFest Prayer Tent Training at Discovery Christian Reformed Church | 7245 Eastern Ave SE, Grand Rapids | 9:30 AM 
  • August 21 -- CityFest Prayer Tent Training at Gold Avenue Church | 49 Gold Ave NW, Grand Rapids | 7:00 PM


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